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Programming Challenges

Welcome to the CS Tutoring Center programming problems page! Here, you will find our list of programming challenges.

You are NOT restricted to using C++ or Java. You may use ANY programming language of your choosing but all of these programming challenges can be solved by using either C++ or Java. You may even solve these by paper and pencil, the good old fashioned way. There are also some problems that can be solved with a scientific calculator. If you're serious about HTML/PHP programming you'll need a reliable dedicated server to host your scripts.

If anyone has any suggestions for a problem, contact us and who knows, we might just use it. Remember, a submission counts as 100 rewards points for a regular member but 200 points for a premier member!

In order to submit answers to the problems, please register here for FREE.. This will allow you to keep track of your rating as well as the problems you have solved.

For some open ended challenges, try some of the previous questions Microsoft has asked on an interview. See if you have what it takes to be hired by them...No solutions to the interview questions are provided.

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ProblemProblem TitleSolved By
2Sum of digits1693
3The Birthday Paradox608
4US Telephone Keypads   1116
5Reverse Alphabet Codes1120
6A Power Function739
7An Exponential Function816
8Prime Numbers I973
9Prime Numbers II681
10Sum of Primes832
11Coordinate Planes   753
12Function Products687
13Fibonacci Sequence II772
14Fibonacci Sequence III709
15Random Dice Throws717
16Blackjack Anyone?467
17Numerical Pattern681
18Prime Numbers III486
19Numerical Pattern II532
20Binary Numbers567
21Hexadecimal Numbers515
22Midpoint Sums485
23Exponent Pattern507
25Fibonacci Sequence IV595

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