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Welcome to the CS Tutoring Center! Here you will find free C++ tutorials and free Java tutorials in addition to C++ and Java programming challenges. The site is being constructed everyday so check back frequently for updates.

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Our brand new Facebook App is live today! That app features dynamic and timed programming challenges that can even be submitted via our API. How neat is that! Join our app and start climbing our leaderboard today! Currently there are 23 challenges with a new challenge added frequently.

Programming Challenges

Speaking of which, check out our programming challenge section by clicking the above link. Challenges are fun and free and can even be solved by pencil and paper (those good old days). Click to register FREE to submit answers to the challenges and work your way to the top of our leader-board.

Math Challenges

We have now introduced a math challenge section that includes some challenges in algebra, trigonometry, probability, limits, functions, derivatives, integrals and sequences and series. There are some more sections that may come up a bit later on.

Cryptography Challenges

Come and sample our cryptography challenge section. We features numerous challenges on the various cryptography methods used to solve them. Don't go too crazy!


Our site was founded to help anyone with an introduction to C++ or Java programming. The site will also feature some advanced concepts but the tutorials will gradually increase your skill.

Most recently, we have launched two new sections for our tutorials. We launched the Math section which will feature help in sets, logic and truth tables, derivatives and some other calculus based topics. We launched the General section to include tutorials and other information regarding our challenges. We included number conversions and an ASCII chart to help you out.

Review Books

We have a C++ review book and Java review book available for purchase. We also have the book now available for downloading! Click the link to view details of our current books: Reviewing C++ and Reviewing Java both written by our founder Alex Maureau.


We always appreciate your feedback. Contact us anytime with questions/comments/complaints. Here are some things our users and guests have said about our site:

"Alex has taken the concepts of C++ & Java and written them in simple and easy to understand terms, which has been lacking in other tutoring sites." - Carol, NY

"This site is really great! It is a lot of fun solving those challenges here. I also enjoy reading the clear tutorials for C++. Last semester at school, I was a B- student but reading the first few tutorials, I improved greatly and went to finish the year with an A-!!! I feel more confident in programming thanks to this site and I will be spreading the word!. Keep up the great work! " - Paul, Phoenix, AZ

"Many thanks for the book "Reviewing Java". I have bought the book and finally, I can understand Java! I have spent a lot of money on Java books and other videos. This is inconceivable in your book, so affordable and yet so much information. Thank you so much. I am quite happy. You and your colleagues are great teachers! Keep up the great work!!!" - Tom, Israel

"I have concluded both my projects in the semester. Without your books and tutorials, I could not have finished my projects successfully. I would like to give a big, warm thank you to you!" - Reza, Germany

"It is really nice to have these tutorials for me as a beginner in Java programming!" - J.R., Japan

"I emailed you last night to help with recursion programming and I just wanted to say thank you for your books. That topic was very helpful to me!" - Atif, Thailand

"hey nice work....keep up the good work!!!" - Rahul

"Your website is simply superb. I have learned so much. Thank you." - Stephen, Canada

"Thanks for creating this page! It helps a lot, especially for me as a computer science student who's not too familiar with the c++ programming language" - John Melchor, Philippines

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